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April 11, 2012

Almost three years ago, 3 actor/filmmakers from Queens set out to make a Fan-Film Movie tribute to the venerable METAL GEAR SOLID series and it’s creator, Hideo Kojima.

That Movie is here... and it’s completely free.

In the tradition of Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy (big shout to Giacomo and Hive Division!), METAL GEAR is Kennedy Picture’s earnest and impassioned Movie tribute to the Metal Gear Solid series and it’s characters.

A completely non-profit film, METAL GEAR is dedicated to Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima. to the loyal Metal Gear Solid fans: enjoy!
April 17, 2012

Metal Gear already took home the “excellence in Filmmaking” award at the Willifest, but this may make Metal Gear the first fan-film Movie ever to win Film Festival Top Honors!
Thank you AOFF! congrats to Orion Pictures and congrats to Hideo Kojima!
May 7, 2012
Metal Gear recieves prestigious
Official Selection

Metal Gear receives a Snake Alley Festival of Film Official Selection!
That brings the official selection total to three. How many awards will Metal Gear win?
May 15, 2012
Snake Actor Daniel Kennedy Wins Indie Fest

Daniel Kennedy won the prestigious Leading Actor Award of Merit from the Indie Fest for his portrayal of Solid Snake! “The indie is not an easy award to win,” said Indie Fest Chairman Thomas Baker, PhD. “Entries are received from around the world. The judges were pleased with the Exceptionally high quality of entries.”
Congratulations to Daniel and the entire Orion Studios Team!
May 15, 2012
Metal Gear is an Official Selection of Action on Film International Film Fest!

ACTION ON FILM, the biggest and best action film festival in the world, announced today that Metal Gear is an official selection!
Come out to the AOF to support Metal Gear! Festival dates: Aug 17 - 25 in Monrovia, Los Angeles. More details to follow!
June 9, 2012
Metal Gear honored at
Snake Alley Film Festival

Burlington, Iowa - At the World Class
Snake Alley Film Festival (SNAFF),
Metal Gear is honored with a Best
Action Film Nomination. To date,
Metal Gear has been honored at every
festival it got into. Pretty good for a Fan-Film!
July 2, 2012
Metal Gear Goes Global with
Multi-Lingual Closed Captions

To better reach the world-wide Metal Gear Solid fan base, the film has received closed captions in English, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese and Italian!
Simply click “CC” in the Youtube video.
To get the Japanese translation just right, we are seeking professional translation, so stay tuned.
Be sure to email us with your thoughts and suggestions. Subject: Translation
July 18, 2012
Metal Gear Screenplay honored with
AOF Official Selection

Already an official selection of the forthcoming AOF (ACTION ON FILM) film competition,  Metal Gear was also recognized By AOF for it’s writing!
Come out to the AOF to support Metal Gear: festival dates: Aug 17 - 25 in Monrovia, Los Angeles.
Go to AOFFEST.com
Aug 13, 2012
Metal Gear Action On Film Schedule

The Action On film Festival will show Metal Gear on Monday, August 20th, 5:30pm block. Los Angeles! Come support!
Krikorian 12
401 South Myrtle Ave
Monrovia, CA 91016
Go to AOFFEST.com
Aug 11, 2012
Metal Gear Nominated for AOF Award

Metal Gear receives the AOF Best Action Sequence Short Writer’s award Nomination!
Come out to the AOF to support Metal Gear:
Krikorian 12
401 South Myrtle Ave
Monrovia, CA 91016
Go to AOFFEST.com
Aug 1, 2012
Metal Gear receives Near Enemy Film Festival Official Selection

Near Enemy Film Martial Arts Festival will feature Metal Gear! Go to:
Aug 29, 2012
Metal Gear Wins at Action On Film Festival

Monrovia, CA - At the 8th annual Action On Film Festival, which featured a star-studded closing ceremony this past weekend, Metal Gear and writer Daniel Kennedy were honored with a Best Screenplay Award, bringing the award count to 4, with one nomination. Next up: Near Enemy Film Fest.
Oct 9, 2012
Metal Gear receives Japanese Closed Captions

Queens, NY - Big day for Orion Studios -- after finding the perfect professional translator in Manami Kim, Metal Gear received it’s Japanese Closed Captions for it’s youtube translation, finally bringing the project full circle for Metal Gear’s creator, Hideo Kojima. So, with English, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, Italian and now Japanese CC, the film has truly gone global.
Doo itashimashite!

Metal Gear --

Been Around the World

Jan 11, 2013
Metal Gear up for
Best Action Film at Asians On Film Festival

North Hollywood - After winning Best Action Film of Winter 2012, Metal Gear is honored to be nominated for Best Action/Adventure Film of the Year. Come out to support the film at Asians On Film Festival this February 15! Go to:
Feb 3, 2013
Metal Gear Screenplay makes Finals at
Bloody Hero International Film Festival

Phoenix, AZ - Bloody Hero International Film Festival gives the Metal Gear Shooting Script it’s 2nd major honor (the first being a Best Screenplay Award from AOF). Thank you to Martha, Aggie, Petol, Rick, and of course Hideo Kojima!
Feb 3, 2013
Metal Gear honored with Bare Bones
International Film Festival Official Selection

Muskogee, OK -Bare Bones International Film Festival announced Metal Gear’s 8th Official Selection for their 2013 Short Film Line-Up!
Let us know who’s going! The film screens April 9th, 3:30pm @ the Azalea Screening Room: barebonesfilmfestivals.orghttp://barebonesfilmfestivals.orgshapeimage_18_link_0
Mar  13, 2013
Phoenix Comic Con chooses Metal Gear

Phoenix, AZ - Yet another Official Selection! Going to one of the most prestigious Comic Cons in the world? Check it out:

The Officlal Tally for Metal Gear:
1. Official Selections: 9
2. Nominations/Finalists: 3
3. Awards: 4
Apr 17, 2013
Metal Gear eclipses 10,000 views on YouTube

Queens NY - Thank you to anyone who has ever watched our MGS fan film: about 10 months after it’s debut, the Metal Gear Fan Film has already reached 10,000 views - and it’s picking up steam!
Haven’t seen it yet? What are you waiting for?
Seen it? Loved it? Why keep it to yourself? Go to and give it the rating it deserves:
Even better, ask Hideo Kojima if he’s seen it yet!
May 24, 2013
Metal Gear selected to screen at
2013 Gen Con Indy Film Festival

Indianapolis, IN - What an honor! Metal Gear is going to Gen Con! Woo hoo!

The Officlal Tally for Metal Gear:
1. Official Selections: 10
2. Nominations/Finals: 3
3. Awards: 4
Feb 13, 2014
Metal Gear eclipses 20,000 views on YouTube

Queens NY - 21 months. 21,000 views. Seen it yet? What are you waiting for?Loved it? Why keep it to yourself? Spread the word and rate us on imdb:


Dedicated to Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima, the Metal Gear movie is a non-profit fan movie based on characters from the Metal Gear Solid series. Metal Gear Solid is owned and operated by Konami of Japan and Kojima Productions. The Metal Gear Movie screenplay and the Metal Gear Movie are not yet related to Konami or Kojima, but we’d like nothing more.